Gourmet Asian, Latin, and International Foods

Delighting customers with authentic flavors for 30 years.

About Us

Global Gourmet Food Solutions is a food manufacturer that has developed expertly crafted Asian, Latin, and International food cuisines for over 30 years.

Based in the Dallas, Texas area, we are passionate about developing high quality, flavorful, and fun foods! Our appetizers and entrees delight customers across national retailers, food service companies, educational institution partners, convenience stores, and distributors.

Whether growing your own brand, developing a private-label solution, or introducing an innovative food concept, we are uniquely positioned to partner with you to navigate the landscape. Applying a blend of automation and precise manufacturing methodologies, our capabilities enable us to ensure food safety, superior quality, and cost-efficiencies at scale for our customers.

Our Story: Passion and Purpose

Tony and Vanessa Luong grew up amidst turbulent times in East Asia where they witnessed disease, poverty, and war. They met at the University of Taiwan and embarked on a journey together to America over 50 years ago with little more than a dream that they could not just be successful, but significant, impacting lives in a positive way.

After receiving his PhD in engineering from Northwestern University, Tony was an executive in corporate America. Tony and Vanessa’s love of food and entrepreneurial spirit ultimately led them to leave the corporate life almost 40 years ago and start a series of food related businesses that employ 500 people today. Global Gourmet Food Solutions is the realization of their dream from over 50 years ago and embodies their passion for people and joy of bringing authentic, great-tasting foods to others.

Our Vision

To be the premier partner from development through delivery for all gourmet food solutions.

Our Mission

To deliver expertly crafted food cuisines through product leadership, operational excellence, and customer experience while positively impacting the communities and ecosystems where we live and work.

Our EPIC Values

Product Leadership

Quality and food safety are at the forefront of everything we do. We’ve built a reputation of producing outstanding foods at scale.


Chicken Nugget
Chicken Finger
General Tso’s
Sweet & Sour
and much more


Egg Roll

and much more

Egg Roll


Buffalo Chicken
Bean and Cheese
Steak and Cheese



Spring Roll
Breakfast Taco
Battered Vegetable Tempura
Battered Cauliflower
Fried Mushroom


Operational Excellence

We leverage multiple state of the art operations and partnerships to debone, dice, cook, batter, fry, freeze, pack, store, and much more. Applying a combination of automation, customization, and precise manufacturing methodologies that have been perfected over 30 years, we are uniquely positioned to ensure food safety, quality, and cost-efficiencies at scale.

Standards of Excellence

› SQF Level 2 Certified
› USDA Plant
› FDA Plant
› Audit Approved by multiple $1B+ Companies

› HACCP Management System
› Child Nutrition Certified
› Food Defense Certified
› Army Food Protection Program Certified

Customized Solutions

We develop affordable, inventive appetizers and entrees that are as unique as your business. Many view market leadership simply in terms of revenue or units shipped, we measure it through value creation, driving innovation, and delivering impactful business outcomes for our customers. We offer end-to-end solutions from R&D, procurement, and production through packaging and shipping that include:

› Turn-Key Custom Manufacturing
› Private Label Solutions
› Clean Label, Antibiotic-Free, and Gluten-Free

› Robust Supplier and Sourcing Ecosystem
› Co-Manufacturing and Packing
› Supply Chain, Exporting, and Logistics


A trusted manufacturer, we have a high standard of responsibility and accountability that compels us to use environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and waste disposal.

Let’s Connect

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Hours of Operation
Monday — Friday
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Contact Info
P: (972) 272-8079
E: info@globalgourmetfs.com